Still alive..

It’s been a busy few months, and I haven’t had time to post — first shipping SP2, then working on some Longhorn planning. As of Nov 1st, I’m no longer working on Windows Networking (except peripherally). I’ve joined the the IE team as a senior PM in the Browsing Experience team (which is generally –…


XP SP2 pictures (squeaky wheels?)

Shortly after my previous whining about Paul Thurrott not noticing the new wireless UI, he posted an updated review of the SP2 beta which had some glowing things to say about the wireless experience. Things like that are really great, not just for me, but for the whole team who worked on radically improving the wireless…


Musings on Consistency in OS Design

I’m a bit behind in my browsing and posting, but I wanted to note that Pierre Igot has posted parts 2 & 3 of the Mac OS X Hall of Shame. I take these articles as object lessons — examples of things I wouldn’t want to repeat, and an opportunity to get a different perspective….


Where do icons come from?

One of the more interesting things I worked on during the past few months was the development of a new “wireless“ icon for Windows. I found it a fascinating process and I thought it would be illuminating to share what we go through. Icons are interesting things. They have to be both representative and abstract. Suggestive…


Windows XP SP2 RC1 Preview

First, go get it: (disclaimer — this is beta code, don’t install it on a production machine) Now, what do you think? This has been an interesting ride for us. Six or seven months ago, SP2 was just another service pack — bug fixes mostly, some targeted customer-driven design changes, sure, but mostly following…


Open for business (again)

I’m back. I took a little vacation from my “experiment” to attend to wrapping up some features for the next release of SP2. Yeah, I know it’s facetious to call blogging an experiment when it’s clearly done by tens of thousands of people, but it’s an experiment for me, so that’s all that counts 🙂…


Mac OS X Hall of Shame (part 1)

Pierre Igot has posted has posted a Mac OS X Hall of Shame at I note this not to revel in the joy of a competitor’s product getting some criticism (no, really, I’m not), but because for many things that he listed, you could replace “Mac OS X” with “Windows” and be reading the…


And about that Home Networking guide…

I’m still looking for some feedback on the Home Networking Guide. As I said below, my team shipped this tool a little while back. It helps users figure out what’s the best home network (hardware, media types, etc) for their environment, helps with purchasing, and installing the hardware. I’d love to know what people think…


This is broken!

Just a quick post… I found this site earlier today. Sometimes you need to immerse yourself in what’s broken to understand how to avoid ever being there in the first place. Link:


Some reviews

I’ll post more later, but for now, here are a couple reviews of Windows XP SP2 Beta, that discuss some of the new Wireless UI that I’ve been working on for the past year. Check them out at Ars Technica and SecurityPipeline. Oh, and actually, I’m deeply hurt that Paul Thurott didn’t notice any of…