It’s always the little things – ISO burning

I love the fact that Win7 has ISO burning built-in. I’m running a pre-release build of Win7, and after downloading the ISO from the internal shares (not from the web :), I just pop in a DVD-R, double-click on the ISO and: Twenty minutes later, I’m happily upgrading to the RTM.

O. M. G. – “Get Ready for PowerPoint”

I’m not entirely sure what these folks are thinking, but I’m getting a little worried about our marketing budget…  🙂 In case you don’t want to watch the whole thing, this, by the way, comes after “Get Ready for PowerPoint”.

Office 2010 – Technical Preview

Office 2010 Technical Preview is coming up. If you’re interested in getting in on it, check out the nomination info on the PowerPoint team blog. Btw, this movie is crazy. I wish I knew where they were going with it (you’d think they’d tell me, but they don’t).

Ah, Irony

The guy who writes the minimsft blog has a nicely honed sense of irony. And you know, speaking of The Commons: I trekked over there today (meh, not the sunniest day) and I have to say it’s an impressive space. I walked around admiring the scope of the project, thinking "This is what Windows built….

Someone has an interesting view of PMs (at least at Yahoo!)

I’ve often gotten the idea that a Yahoo! Product Manager is more or less the same as our Program Management. Their new CEO, whose attitude I like (she happily discourses on the things she thinks are ridiculous about their products – something that she’ll start to stop doing once stuff is built under her), seems…


Castle and HomeGroup: A study in the evolution of user needs

Several years ago, at the beginning of the “Longhorn” project (which eventually became Windows Vista), I worked on a project that was attempting to solve the problem of how to make file sharing in small networks (particularly at home) both simple and secure – something that, frankly, Windows has been working for a long time….


Impressive effects in PowerPoint

Not too long ago, I joined the PowerPoint team. Thought I spend most of my time working on a related project, I do spend a lot of time working with PowerPoint itself, and I’m constantly amazed at the things that people do with PowerPoint. Recently, on the PowerPoint blog, Ric posted an entry about a…

Weather alert

Something’s going on the interwebs. I think it might be hell freezing over. That’s really cool! I wonder who is working on that stuff.


The job of program management

In a detailed post over on E7 about the Win7 design process comes this: With regard to where ideas come from, what we like to say is that the job of program management is not to have all the great ideas but to make sure all the great ideas are ultimately picked. The best program…

Little things you may not have noticed in IE8: Part 7 – Stop and Refresh buttons

Move stop-and-refresh back to where they were in IE6 This was going to be my first post in this series, but the Vista Team blog stole my thunder with a much more detailed post covering lots of the chrome customizations, so I left it for last. 🙂 Be sure to check it out the Vista…