First week at the new job

This week I started a new job at Microsoft – I’ve moved from Developer and Platform Evangelism to the Connected Systems Division. I’m now a program manager on the BizTalk Services team ( It was hard to leave DPE, but this seems like the right opportunity. For those that haven’t seen, it’s an incubation…


Robots and BizTalk Services

I just posted a new screencast on Channel 9: It’s purpose is to show off the power of claims and claims transformation, especially in a hosted service like BizTalk Services.


Claims and the Calculator sample in the BizTalk Services SDK

The identity provider in BizTalk Services is a way for applications to delegate identity and access control to a hosted service. In other words, an application can use BizTalk Services to answer the all-important question "Who are you and what are you allowed to do?". If you haven’t checked it out, I strongly recommend it…


PictureServices and BizTalk Services

Previous posts have talked a bit about PictureServices. Now I’d like to run through what it took to bring PictureServices to the BizTalk Services. I’ve talked a bit in other posts about BizTalk Services, but it has some interesting and very useful messaging features. For starters, BizTalk Services has an endpoint that can do HTTP…


Introduction to BizTalk.NET Services

Background BizTalk.NET Services ( is a nascent and experiemental project that is all about generic, secure connectivity. Many WCF customers ask us how to notify client applications that something has happened in a service. If the client is addressable and listening, this is a fairly easy question to address. In fact, there is an SDK sample…


BizTalk Services CTP is Public

The BizTalk Services CTP is available for all to play with. In general, the concept is services in the cloud. It’s a gross understatement, but enough for now. It’s way cool because it opens the door for some innovative service scenarios. I plan on blogging quite a bit about these services in the near future. More soon.