Access Control Service – A Simple Scenario

To the already initiated claims disciples, the Access Control Service is a multi-tenant Resource STS. The behavior of each STS is determined by simple rules – the rules control how each STS transforms claims. To those not already initiated in the claims methodology, the previous definition may seem a bit obtuse. If that’s the case,…


.NET Services – Launch at PDC 08

Today we announced the CTP release of .NET Services! For quite a while now, I have been working on this project. It’s great to see it announced and to have customers use our services. .NET Services consist of three services: the Service Bus, the Workflow Service, and my personal favorite: The Access Control Service. My…


Access Control rule changes in BizTalk Services R12

Yesterday we released a new version of BizTalk Services (R12). Over the next few weeks I’ll be updating my blog with descriptions of the identity related features we added in this release. For now I’d like to describe one of the most obvious changes to the way you create, view, and manage access control rules….


BizTalk Services and "Add Service Reference"

One of the little known features of BizTalk Services is it’s support for metadata. There’s a sample in the SDK (default path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Services SDK\Samples\Communication\ExploringFeatures\Metadata\MetadataExchange\CS30) that shows you how to listen for incoming metadata requests through the relay. It tracks with the WCF metadata story and is built on WCF extensibility points. In…


First week at the new job

This week I started a new job at Microsoft – I’ve moved from Developer and Platform Evangelism to the Connected Systems Division. I’m now a program manager on the BizTalk Services team ( It was hard to leave DPE, but this seems like the right opportunity. For those that haven’t seen, it’s an incubation…


Robots and BizTalk Services

I just posted a new screencast on Channel 9: It’s purpose is to show off the power of claims and claims transformation, especially in a hosted service like BizTalk Services.


Claims and the Calculator sample in the BizTalk Services SDK

The identity provider in BizTalk Services is a way for applications to delegate identity and access control to a hosted service. In other words, an application can use BizTalk Services to answer the all-important question "Who are you and what are you allowed to do?". If you haven’t checked it out, I strongly recommend it…


enableWebScript, UriTemplate, and HTTP methods

A little while ago I ran into an interesting set of errors that may be of interest to you. Consider the following service contract snippet: [OperationContract] [WebGet(UriTemplate="foobar/{value}")] String GetData(String value); If you add the enableWebScript behavior to an endpoint that is using the WebHttpBinding, you will see this exception when the ServiceHost starts: System.InvalidOperationException: Endpoints…


Life at Microsoft

I’m not prone to publish non-techie topics on this blog, but I can’t help this one :). I’m often asked what life is like at Microsoft, and this video pretty much sums it up…


MySpace does WCF

My friend Vittorio has posted that MySpace will be talking about WCF at Mix 2008 (see it here). This promises to be a good session!