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Since releasing the new version of ACS on Nov 5, we’ve received quite a bit of feedback that we should provide a UI for managing ACS rules/scopes/issuers/token policies. In response, Cyrus put together a little WPF app that does the trick. It’s available on MSDN code gallery here:

In the coming milestones, we are going to work on refining a UI – cutting it out of the Nov 5 release was a difficult decision. I’m confident that we will release a supported one in the coming milestones.

For now, hopefully this one will help. As always, please send us your feedback.

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  1. guest says:

    I don’t know why do you guys need feedback to understand that ACS needs a UI. I think this is stupid. The original UI was so good. Why was the web ui removed is beyond my understanding. WE NEED A WEB UI. People don’t care about client apps anymore. Don’t you guys get it?

  2. justinjsmith says:

    Thanks for your candid feedback.

    We are working on supported UIs for managing ACS, apologies if that wasn’t clear. Enterprise customers have clearly told us they want an MMC snapin. Many other customers indicate, as you have, that they prefer a web UI.

    We cut the UI because of engineering tradeoffs. Over the past few months, all of our engineering resources were dedicated to implementing a new management service, new token endpoint, changing our data store to Azure storage, running in the Azure fabric, etc. Cutting the web UI was a difficult decision, but I believe it was the right one given the alternatives.

    As indicated previously, we will bring back UIs in the future.

    Feel free to contact me directly ( if you have additional comments or questions.

  3. tonypujals says:

    Can't download it from the link you provide … it says that the Management Browser is now included with the SDK. However, clicking the link on the code page takes you to help & resources for you AppFabric account, and the download SDK pages takes you to here:…/details.aspx

    There is no management browser that gets installed with the 64-bit version (and the installer does not allow installing a 32-bit version on a 64-bit machine, I checked); there is only the command line tool (acm.exe).

    Not a huge deal since there's a command line version, but it would be cool to have access to the UI also…

  4. tonypujals says:

    Perhaps removed since not updated for the latest management API…?

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