Windows Performance Tools Kit

Windows Performance Team has released Windows Performance Tools Kit to the Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5.

This is the same tool Windows team uses to diagnose Windows performance problem. Along with the tool comes with a 60-page Quick Start Guide. It offers significant details how the system works.

Having a performance problem lately? Fire up Xperf and look at the pretty chart.

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  1. DeepNight says:

    Hi JunFeng,

    When you use the xperf, did you see the managed stack? In my mixed application, I can see the native stack, but mixed and managed stack is missing. xperf didn’t detect managed and mixed module at all. 🙁


  2. Windows Performance Team told me xperf can’t see managed stack yet. It requires work from both CLR and xperf side. It probably will happen in future releases.

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