Java 2007: The year in preview

This is an article on IBM web site preview what is coming in Java 7.


Taking the JAM out of the JAR

Java 7 could fix the most long-standing source of irritation to Java developers: the various class loaders and associated classpaths. Sun is taking another whack at this problem with the Java Module System. Instead of a .jar file, data will be stored in a .jam file. This is a sort of "superjar" that contains all the code and metadata. Most importantly, the Java Module System will support versioning for the first time, so you can say that a program needs Xerces 2.7.1 but not 2.6. It will also allow you to specify dependencies; for instance, to say that the program in the JAM requires JDOM. It should also enable you to load one module without loading them all. Finally, it will support a centralized repository that can provide many different versions of many different JAMs, from which applications can pick the ones they need. If the JMS works, jre/lib/ext will be a thing of the past.

Finally, Java developers admit the CLR assembly model is better:) 

Comments (3)

  1. Guruparan says:

    .net is more faster & better than Java..and it also supports multiple language…this is a HUGE benefit than java machine

  2. Jeff says:

    Wait, doesn’t Microsoft steal features from other software? And they never innovate? And Microsoft’s software is all terrible? GASP! Microsoft doing some smart with technology?


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