Installing SxS assemblies in Vista

When installing SxS assemblies in Vista, you may experience MSI error 1935, with HRESULT 0x80073715.


// MessageText:
// The identities of the manifests are identical but their contents are different.



This error means, you have tried to install two assemblies with the same identity but with different contents.

To workaround the issue, whenever you change the content of the assembly, you need to change the version number of the assembly.

Comments (5)

  1. Feng says:

    I saw your article about registration free COM. It was very helpful for me. But it is closed for comments. So I try it here.

    I have a manifest file containing the locations for some C++ COM DLLs. It works on Win XP and Win 2003. However, it failed on Win XP 64 bit edition. Do you have any idea?

  2. Feng says:

    Thanks , Junfeng.

    I looked at However, I couldn’t find any helpful information for my situation. My application is a MFC application written in VC++ 7. All the COM components are also written in VC++ 7. It doesn’t requires the .NET runtime. The manifest file doesn’t contain a reference to the CLR. The problematic environment is Windows XP Professional 64 bit edition. The error was: the application failed to create COM objects. If I mannually registered thos components, the application worked fine. The event log contains no entry for SideBySide.

    However, the same application and manifest file work fine on Windows XP Professional 32 bit edition.

    Any other suggestion?

  3. I see.

    Can you show the example?

  4. Feng says:

    It is a pretty complex application and requires a lot of third-party DLLs to start. I need to send you about 20MB of stuff to run the example.

    Anywhere, thanks for your reply.

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