IE7 CPU spike and AJAX extensive web sites

[Update: After discussion with IE team, I revised my article as following.]


When visiting some AJAX extensive web sites, IE7 may cause temporary CPU spike.


I have discussed this with the IE and Anti-Phishing team and they are investigating this, but it does not impact all Ajax sites. The best workaround that helps  provide protection against Phishing while helping you to customize performance on certain sites is as follows


1) You can add the affected sites to your trusted sites by going to Tools->Internet Options->Security->Trusted Sites, and click the “sites” button.


2) In addition, you may also need to disable Phishing filter for the trusted sites zone by going to the same trusted sites configuration page, click the “custom level…” button, scroll down to “Use Phishing Filter”, and select “Disable”, then restart the browser.

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  1. Sean says:

    Uh. Is that really the best option?

    Why not add those sites to the collection of trusted sites rather than create a potential security violation sine the phishing filter applies to all sites I visit.

    I’d also feel bad if I was part of the IE7 team and one of the first suggestions I saw was to shut off the feature I implemented 😉

  2. Sheesh — I can see it now. Microsoft blogger says "Turn off our Phishing Tool" Not sure this is a great idea!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You should be ashamed whats the point of having a phishing filter and touting that as a *Feature* if it requires to be turned off …sigh didn’t expect from an MS employee.

  4. dotNet Junkie says:

    While it’s rather annoying to this bug in IE 7, I’d like to thank Junfeng for posting a workaround. At least we see an honest piece of information, much better than trying to remain silent while us users suffer!

  5. hihidogtw says:

    I can see it now. Microsoft blogger says "Turn off our Phishing Tool" Not sure this is a great idea!

  6. giafly says:

    This "spike" can actually be over a minute at 90%+ CPU while IE7’s memory useage explodes.

    The problem seems to be with pages that use Ajax to replace link URLs dynamically.

  7. Jeff JOnes says:

    I’m experiencing 100% CPU using IE 7 also. IE 7 goes to 100% CPU when I visit a page then try to refresh and the page or service doesn’t respond.  I’m developing dynamic applications that connect to hardware that is occasionally connected where the services start and stop.  If I refresh a page that I was viewing and the service has stopped rather than saying page not found immediatly the CPU goes to 100% this happens when I try to refresh pages that no longe exist. I don’t know how the phishing filter works but imagine it may not like urls that are occasionally online and then disappeare and reappear.

  8. cmaloney says:

    Does MicroSoft plan on fixing this bug?

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