IE7 CPU spike and AJAX extensive web sites

[Update: After discussion with IE team, I revised my article as following.]   When visiting some AJAX extensive web sites, IE7 may cause temporary CPU spike.   I have discussed this with the IE and Anti-Phishing team and they are investigating this, but it does not impact all Ajax sites. The best workaround that helps  provide protection against…


Touch the exe, after you added a manifest for it, in Vista

  You are an enthusiastic and responsible developer. You love programming, and you love programming the right way. So you get the latest and greatest Windows Vista. You try your hard-worked amazing.exe application in Vista. Did not work. Apparently, amazing.exe needs admin privilege to do wonderful things. But in Vista, the user by default does…


Title change

Laterly, most of my topics have been Win32 stuff. Then I realize that the title “Junfeng Zhang’s .Net Framework Notes” makes less sense now. Effectively now, the title of this blog becomes Junfeng Zhang’s Windows Programming Notes Thanks for reading.


Application Shutdown Changes in Windows Vista

MSDN documented the Windows Vista changes regarding application shutdown.


Programmatically determine if an application requires elevation in Windows Vista

In Windows Vista, by default, application will execute without administrator privilege, even when the user launching the application is part of the administrators group. You can explicitly elevate the application with administrator privilege using the shell “Runas” verb. There are some cases the OS will decide to launch the application as elevated by default. The decision…


dynamic_cast is slow in x64

A thread in internal discussion group reveals that dynamic_cast is very slow in x64 system. And one of the developers explains the reason: From: Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 11:52 AMTo: Subject: RE: dynamic_cast code runs faster in WOW mode than native x64   I haven’t looked at profiles or tried your testcase, but I…