Windows Vista System Internals

I was searching for filter driver doucmentations in microsoft Windows Hardware Developer Central site, and I was surprised to find many interesting information about Windows Vista System Internals.

For example:

Changes to User Mode Services in Windows Vista


Impact of Session 0 Isolation on Services and Drivers in Windows Vista


Kernel Enhancements for Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn


Protected Processes in Windows Vista



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  1. Chris Nahr says:

    Thanks, that’s a very interesting read! Maybe you should add a direct link to this PowerPoint file:

    "The Memory Manager in 2003 & Vista" by Landy Wang, a great overview of the changes and performance enhancements in the memory and I/O system.

  2. junfeng says:

    Chris, I can’t open the link.

  3. Chris Nahr says:

    Junfeng, that link was listed on page 4 of the "Kernel Enhancements" document. It’s a direct link to a .ppt file — perhaps your firewall or browser settings interfere? I just tried again, using the same link that I posted, and the file is there for me.

  4. says:

    Hi,Junfeng. Sorry for raising a question here but I can’t find other way to catch you:) My question is that: how can I find the path Gacutil.exe when I am not clear if the user has installed .net fwk 1.1 or 2.0? Thanks in advance.

  5. junfeng says:

    Gacutil is not part of .Net framework (it is part of .Net framework SDK.). So you can’t find the path of gacutil.exe anywhere, unless you have SDK installed.