In .Net framework 2.0, we will cache assembly loading failures. (See http://blogs.msdn.com/junfeng/archive/2004/07/22/190813.aspx for more detail.)

Not everyone like the decision. To opt out this, add the following snippet to your app.config file.



                        <disableCachingBindingFailures enabled="1" />




Comments (3)

  1. Dean Harding says:

    Heh, love the double negatives 🙂

  2. David Levine says:

    Hello Junfeng,

    I’m one of those people who did not like the decision to cache the failures, so I’m also one of those people who like the ability to turn it off. 🙂 Is the capability to opt-out present in the 2.0 framework?

    There are lots of settings that can affect the behavior. Is there a central location that documents all these settings? Or even better, a configuration tool that puts a GUI on top of all the different settings for the app.config file?

  3. Yes, this works in v2.0 RTM.

    Yes, there are lots of settings. Yes, the documentation is lacking. Yes, we are working on it. No, there is no GUI tool.

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