Java SE 6 is released People that want to run Java on Vista may be interested in this release. It fixes the bug where Vista Glass is disabled when Java Applet is running.

Questions and suggestions

I set the comment limit to 90 days. As a result, the original post for questions and suggestions has expired. This one is just to re-enable that. Please post any questions or suggestions in this blog. I have left fusion team. I can still answer questions about fusion and SxS. For feature/change suggestions, you can…


Debugging LoadLibrary Failures

LoadLibrary is one of the mostly used yet unbelieveably complex APIs in Windows, if not the one. Russ Osterlund has a full MSDN article discussing LoadLibrary, yet he only touches the surface of the problem (how it works under normal condition.) Mike Grier is one of the most talented developers I have worked with in Microsoft….


GAC Temp and Tmp

I see people asking question about the Temp and Tmp directories under GAC. Yes they are temporary directory fusion uses during GAC Assembly installation and uninstallation. Tmp is used for installation, and Temp is used for uninstallation. The use of them is described in my article GAC Assemblies: Install and Uninstall. The reason that fusion…


The Windows Vista Developer Story: Application Compatibility Cookbook

MSDN has a Vista developer story series on how to develop applications for Windows Vista. One of the particularly useful articles is on Application Compatibility (also at It details many of the changes in Vista and how to change your application to comply with the Vista paradigm. Definitely worth a read.


Installing SxS assemblies in Vista

When installing SxS assemblies in Vista, you may experience MSI error 1935, with HRESULT 0x80073715. 0x80073715 is Win32 error ERROR_SXS_MANIFEST_IDENTITY_SAME_BUT_CONTENTS_DIFFERENT. //// MessageId: ERROR_SXS_MANIFEST_IDENTITY_SAME_BUT_CONTENTS_DIFFERENT//// MessageText://// The identities of the manifests are identical but their contents are different.// #define ERROR_SXS_MANIFEST_IDENTITY_SAME_BUT_CONTENTS_DIFFERENT 14101L   This error means, you have tried to install two assemblies with the same identity but…


IE7 CPU spike and AJAX extensive web sites

[Update: After discussion with IE team, I revised my article as following.]   When visiting some AJAX extensive web sites, IE7 may cause temporary CPU spike.   I have discussed this with the IE and Anti-Phishing team and they are investigating this, but it does not impact all Ajax sites. The best workaround that helps  provide protection against…


Touch the exe, after you added a manifest for it, in Vista

  You are an enthusiastic and responsible developer. You love programming, and you love programming the right way. So you get the latest and greatest Windows Vista. You try your hard-worked amazing.exe application in Vista. Did not work. Apparently, amazing.exe needs admin privilege to do wonderful things. But in Vista, the user by default does…


Title change

Laterly, most of my topics have been Win32 stuff. Then I realize that the title “Junfeng Zhang’s .Net Framework Notes” makes less sense now. Effectively now, the title of this blog becomes Junfeng Zhang’s Windows Programming Notes Thanks for reading.


Application Shutdown Changes in Windows Vista

MSDN documented the Windows Vista changes regarding application shutdown.