Microsoft Community Blogs

You won't believe how many Microsoft people are blogging. just hits the thousand mark --- there are 1000 Microsoft bloggers in!!!

How do you deal with this information explosion?

Well, you filter.

But how?

This is when Microsoft Cummunity blogs page comes in handy.

You can filter bloggers by catogery, or by keywords. You can also search all the blogs.

Most importantly, the portal also aggregate many Microsoft bloggers not in, such as Robert Scoble, Chris Sells, Chris Anderson.

Comments (1)

  1. Samuel Neff says:

    Didn’t know about this page–was just going to Surprised there’s no link from the home page to the communities blogs page.

    Would be really nice if the communities page allowed you to set up your own aggregate portal to choose blogs and list the posts like an personalized aggregator. The advantage of doing this on MS’s server as opposed to using desktop aggregators is that it would reduce polling since MS’s server knows when entries are updated and available without constant polling. Just a thought…

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