Error 500–Internal Server Error —- From

One day when I visit, I hit this error: Error 500–Internal Server Error   org.apache.tapestry.BindingException: Unable to resolve expression ‘threadUpdated ? messages.getMessage(“new-messages-in-thread”) : null’ for portal.components.ThreadSummaries$Enhance_141@ab98a8[Home/threads].         at org.apache.tapestry.binding.ExpressionBinding.resolveProperty(         at org.apache.tapestry.binding.ExpressionBinding.getObject(         at org.apache.tapestry.AbstractComponent.renderInformalParameters(         at portal.components.ThreadLink.renderComponent(         at org.apache.tapestry.AbstractComponent.render(         at org.apache.tapestry.AbstractComponent.renderBody(         at org.apache.tapestry.components.Foreach.renderComponent(         at org.apache.tapestry.AbstractComponent.render(         at org.apache.tapestry.BaseComponent.renderComponent(        …


Manish on Remoting

If you care about remoting, you should check out Manish’s blog. Manish is the developer implementing remoting in .Net. He is the definitive authority on remoting related issues.


.Net 1.0/1.1 applications on Win64

Josh Williams posted a blog about .Net 1.0/1.1 applications on Win64. If you care about your application running under Win64, you should read that blog.


.Net framework SP and Publisher Policy

Omer asks me why we do in place servicing for .Net framework SP, and not following our own recommended practice of using publish policy. This is an excellent question. And I am sure many many people have the same question in mind. There are several reasons: 1. Publisher Policy can be opted out by applications….


I come cross this web site ( when reading newsgroup Comp.Lang.Java.Adcocacy. This is an impressive web site for aggregated Java information. Any similar web site for .Net?  


Should we put apphack in .Net 2.0?

AppHack is a terminology used in AppCompat. Basically AppCompat detects a specific application, and applies an AppHack if necessary. One typical AppHack is to lie about the OS version number, due to applications use the wrong logic to check the minimum OS requirement. I only have Whidbey Beta 1 in my home machine. I need…


Diagnose “Access Denied” error on Assembly Loading

I posted a rather long reply in newsgroup microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.clr, to help diagnose “Access Denied” error on Assembly Loading. The error is actually very typical and I saw it quite often internally. I posted the full text below. Hope it is useful to you. ———————————————————————————————————-“Junfeng Zhang[MSFT]” wrote in message news:exfHZKorEHA.2008@TK2MSFTNGP12.phx.gbl… > It is very hard to…



Jamie asks about what is aspnet.config. Alan has a detailed discussion on binding policies. And aspnet.config is what Alan described as Host Policy. I don’t really see why you need host policy. In fact, I successfully convinced Asp.Net team to remove this policy in Whidbey. If you have a Whidbey beta1 redist install, you…


Contact me in email

I usually would like to keep the discussion in the blog so that the discussion can be shared to everyone. After all, this is why I start the blog in the first place — share information with everyone. recently implemented a global policy to close comments after 30 days to fight comment spam. I understand…

5 is back. I frequently scan Microsoft public newsgroups, including the Whidbey newsgroups. In my laptop I did not configure any newsgroups in outlook express. And I rely on the online newsgroup reader at ( I did not have it bookmarked initially. I simply go to and search “whidbey newsgroup”. The first one is…