ATI’s latest driver’s Catalyst Control Center Written in .Net framework

In case you don't know, the contral center from ATI's latest driver offer requires .Net framework 1.1.'s review

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  1. Simon says:

    I’ve personally had several crashes with this control panel, and found it to be slow and cludgy – it also annoyingly integrates itself into EVERY SINGLE explorer context menu as the top item. Right click – and everything is one space down, which is really frustrating.

    Now, I know this isn’t .NET as I’ve written apps that load fast (eventually when I worked out how to get around winforms being as slow as treacle). I also know the exceptions are just poor coding.

    So, combined with terrible customer service from ATI, faulty manufacturing of hardware, and buggy drivers themselves I’m getting a new geforce card. I just wish I could replace the graphics card in my laptop at the same time.

    You don’t want to point to this, you would be better pointing to that new game written in .NET.

  2. I just tried this new driver. It is really not a very good experience. I immediately reverted back to the previous version.

    I mentioned this because it is interesting to see a hardware company to release something under .Net framework umbrella.

    The new game written in .Net is mentioned by Robert Scoble here:

  3. Jason says:

    I also tried the new Control Center, but quickly uninstalled it. Too slow. The old one was much better as it is faster and integrates to Windows just as most other drivers does.

  4. says:

    The fact that ATI build the new Control Centre in .NET is nice at the first look. But, as the previous commenters already noted, its execution is a bad example for .NET: slow, cludgy interface (and not only because it is skinned) and all over the place (I do not really need a link to the Control Centre when right clicking in a random folder on my HDD). In the end this just adds to the prejudice that ATI’s drivers do not belong to the best and that ATI has a faible for rushing out new releases without propper Q&A – I hope this is because of bad management and not because of rather inexperienced developers.

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