Liu Xiang makes history

On today's Athens Olympics Track and Field, China's Liu Xiang claimed the gold medal of men's 110 hurdles, with 12.91s world record tie performance.

It is the first gold Chinese men's athlete has ever won from the track and field in the Olympics history.

Congratulations to Liu!

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  1. Felix Wang (Intl Vendor) says:

    tong2 xi3,tong2 xi3.

    We have 27 gold medal now.

  2. matt says:

    I hate to sound like a harsh loser, but has anyone else noticed the dramatic increase in performance from the chinese track and field team – it’s got me (and some of the British Commentators i might add) a little suspicious. I know, I know, its horrible to accuse people of drugs related cheating until they’re caught, but I really find it very hard to see how these people are THAT good… so suddently (and I’m not just talking about Liu Xiang, other chinese atheletes have been extra good too).

  3. Matt,

    Too bad you know this is a childish behavior, but you still can’t help being childish. So far there are 15 people disqualified due to doping. Do you see any chinese name?

  4. atam says:

    lol at matt. Liu didn’t become amazing instantly. He was always amazing, even before the olympics. He broke the junior record at the age of 19 and has won bronze and silver in many other international track meets.

  5. Brenden says:

    Why is it whenever an athlete performs well, people straight blame it on drugs. why note enjoy being part of him making history. for those who think he has suddenly became an great athlete, go look at his progression as the years went by. he has done something truely amazing, i know cause i’m a hurdler myself, what he did toke years of blood sweat and tears,

    Well done my man, looking forward to run against u…..


  6. Chao says:

    It’s not unexpected. 110 hurdles is the game requiring more skill than strength.

  7. ffagfg says:

    he is good

  8. Matt,

    you say really negative things . Why not look on the bright side.

  9. .:Firestorm:. says:

    racists are always pretty gay like that

    can’t stand the collapse of their fantasy

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