100 posts

I started the blog late January this year, when the tide of blogging swept Microsoft.

Half a year later, I hit a 100 posts mark.

In between, I talked about Fusion, CLR, .Net framework, things I am interested in, things I think may help other people.

Of the 100 post, the least read one is

 eWeeks announces Fourth Annual Excellence Award

And the most read one is


And some popular ones are:

Image File Execution Options
The located assembly's manifest definition with name xxx.dll does not match the assembly reference
hh ntcmds.chm
AppDomain and Shadow Copy
How to make an application as both GUI and Console application?
How to detect .Net framework installed or not.
Microsoft.Net Framework 1.1 setup has ended prematurely

What does it show?

1. People don't like post copying news.
2. People don't like applications doing unknown things.
3. People like posts discussing common problems.
4. People like posts explains how useful feature works

I truely enjoy the experience. And I hope you enjoy my blogs.

Comments (5)

  1. Dmitriy Zaslavskiy says:

    Can I borrow your time machine. Today is 8/5 and your post is on 8/6

  2. LOL:) I think it is a bug in .Text. I posted it at 1pm.

  3. Doesn't matter says:

    How do you know what is your most popular post? Can you see it in .Text or are you running another tool?

  4. I count the web view in .Text.

  5. Alex Hoffman says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for one of my favorite weblogs!

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