3D UI on Windows

One of Chinese fellows in Rice univerity is doing a 3D UI project on Windows.


As a one-man part time project (He is a Ph.D candidate in Space Physics), this is truely impressive.

Comments (5)

  1. William Luu says:

    Wow, that is indeed impressive.

    It’s probably something to keep track of… (to see how it goes…).

  2. True (and I believe every 3D UI will have a lot similarity). That is why I emphsize that this is one-man part time project, written in C/C++ and openGL, instead of a project backing by a huge company, with Java3D as the framework.

  3. leighsword says:

    lunch the i3 application at 2004.7.10.

    similar?chinese guy(may be a chinese chief) steal some ideas from the Sun cooperation.

    bill gates said that chinese like to steal something,now i think he is right.

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