What is new in remoting in .Net 2.0?

Matt Tavis told us what is new in remoting in .Net 2.0 in a newgroup post.



Subject:  RE: New Changes?
From:  “\”Matt Tavis [MSFT]\”” Sent:  7/21/2004 1:05:19 PM

Hi Jignesh,

Here is a list of high-level features for remoting in Whidbey (.NET
Framework 2.0):

– IpcChannel – This is a same-box cross-process channel, which avoids the
reliance on a network stack a la Tcp and Http Channels.

– Secure TcpChannel – TcpChannel now support encryption, signing and
authentication via new underlying SSPI APIs in System.Net

– Version Tolerant Serialization – more a serialization feature but this
allows for versioning of types without worrying about failing to
de/serialize when communicating with older versions on the client/server.

– Generics support – Full use of generics is supported in remoting

– IPv6 support – Supports IPv6 addresses

– Connection cache control for TcpChannel – this allows the control of the
connection cache timeout to better support load-balancing scenarios with
the TcpChannel

Matt Tavis

Program Manager
XML Web Services
Microsoft Corporation


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