CLR Profiler, Office 2003, WPS Office 2003, and Open Office 1.1

So I was playing CLR Profiler lately. It comes with a very good document written in word. It is really a simple document with text, and a lot snapshots. The document is about 11M. When I finished reading the document, I noticed my machine kind of slows down a little bit. Hmm, that is odd. So I opened task manager. Word 11 is sitting at 127M VM size.

This sucks. 127M VM size for a 11M document. Not too good.

Then I thought, hmm, maybe I should try other office products.

So I loaded the file in WPS Office 2003 (in case you don't know, WPS Office is a Chinese office suite developed by Kingsoft. It has some features that even Microsoft Office lacks. The particular one I like is big character print. A.k.a, it can print one character in the whole paper. Very handy for posters. Its chinese handling is excellent. The office web site is, and you can download a limit trial version from The VM size increased rapidly, and finally stopped at 547M, and the document loaded.

Hmm, OK, compare to WPS Office, Microsoft Office did a very good job.

Next thing I do, I downloaded OpenOffice 1.1, and opened the file in OpenOffice 1.1. Same thing happened. VM size jumped to 541M, and the document loaded.

So I re-opened the document in Word. VM size sit at 27M, as I read through, VM size increased steadily, and stopped at 127M when I went to the last page.

Maybe not a fair comparison for WPS Office and Open Office, but still amazing, what a 11M document can do.

Comments (2)

  1. Rick Schaut says:

    Keep in mind that a good portion of the increase in VM size will be code that wasn’t needed before you opened the document. In that vein, aren’t both WPS Office and OpenOffice Java apps?

  2. Nope, both WPS Office and OpenOffice are native apps.

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