Longest Java Class Name


I wonder if someone has time to the same analysis on .Net framework. I bet it will be much longer:)

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  1. I don’t know .NET, but it looks like Rob’s analysis of .NET types included non-public types, and also included the .NET equivalent of package names.

    I only used public types and discarded the package name.

    The complete name of the class I cited is:


    The full package names adds another 19 characters to the 36 in the class name itself.

    Not that I think that Java and .NET should compete in this arena!

  2. Rob shows the longest public class is System.Windows.Forms.IDataGridColumnStyleEditingNotificationService, and IDataGridColumnStyleEditingNotificationService is 46 character long.

    I agree Java and .Net should not compete in this arena. But this is just one of those small things make you smile:)

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