Microsoft at Year’s End

MS.COM has a press release to look at Microsoft’s accomplishment on year 2004, and things anticipated in 2005. Honestly I can only remember XPSP2 as the big thing for the year. Year 2005 should be exciting though, with .Net framework 2.0, SQL Server 2005, VS.Net 2005, Windows Server 2003 R2, and all the wonderful…

Fusion Workshop

Microsoft MVP Richard Grimes released an online fusion workshop. It discusses various fusion issues like GAC, probing, versioning etc. This is a good resource to get people familiar with fusion technology.  

Comment moderation

Due to comment spam, I turned on comment moderation. When you post a comment, it won’t be shown to public until I approve it. This sucks. But I have no choice.


misconcept about domain neutral assemblies

See my blog for more on domain neutral assemblies. One common misconcept about domain neutral assemblies is that people assume when they load the assembly (as domain neutral) in one domain, it will magically show up in all the other domains. This is not true. The assembly will only show up in appdomains where the…

IBM sells PC group to Lenovo

It is final. IBM sells its PC group to Lenovo. How well will it go? Nobody knows. But I am just very glad that a Chinese computer company will play an important role in the global IT industry.

Setting Host Policy in appdomain

Due to popular demand, I am posting an example how to set host policy in appdomain. (If you don’t know what host policy is, please refer to the following two blogs: Aspnet.Config Assembly Binding Policy The only way to set host policy is through CLR hosting API. There are four CLR hosting APIs defined in…


Framework Unification Policy Change in .Net framework 2.0

Alan discussed Unification Policy in detail in his blog. Unification Policy Unification Policy is first introduced in v1.1. The unification policy’s behavior is to move every assembly reference in the unification policy up (or down, depending on the reference) to the one shipped in .Net framework 1.1. This has some side effect. If you try to load v2.0…


CLR in Channel 9

Channel9 team did a two part interview for CLR team. The video is online at Jason Zander – Tour of the .NET CLR team The .NET CLR Team Tour, Part II The .NET CLR Team Tour, Part III The first developer in the first video is Michael Station. He has a blog at….


Creating a publisher policy

MSDN documented how to create a publisher policy Basically you run al.exe with the “/link” option. The generated publisher policy assembly is a multimodule assembly. The publisher policy config file is the non manifest module. At runtime, fusion finds the publisher policy assembly, and opens its first non manifest module as the publisher policy…