AuthorCoding <Notes /> started as an idea to challenge myself on keeping the knowledge on technologies active and updated. On my day-to-day activities I don’t practice all the techniques or consume all the technologies that I have learned and enjoy. Before joining Microsoft the blog was hosted at WordPress and since then I’ve been in the process of migrating the content to the MSDN blog that still could be relevant with current technology trends.
I work as a Software Engineer II at Windows and Devices Group (WDG), under the Developer Ecosystem Platform (DEP) team. I graduated from Systems Engineering, an undergraduate program similar to a Computer Science major with an engineering emphasis in Colombia and more recently completed my Master’s degree on Computer Information Systems at Grand Valley State University in Michigan.
I’ve been developing software applications —mostly Web— since 1998 starting with ASP and moving towards .net Framework. Most of my experience is around the Microsoft development stack. During my undergraduate years I had contact with Pascal, C++ (pre ’98) and Java and then jumped into Visual Basic at that time on version 4. I discovered how Microsoft tools for development were focused on taking care of many of the boilerplate code to allow developers focus in the value added to the applications which kept me motivated to continue growing around those technologies.
Visual Basic 4 provided me the ability to create Windows applications without worrying too much with low level API’s to create windows or be aware of the Operating System’s messages, key to react to events in the Windows platform. At that time I wasn’t concerned on having the control of all those details. Little after moved to Web application development using Active Server Pages (ASP) which shared many of the learning gains from Visual Basic, and eventually started digging into COM and ATL as methods to create components from Visual C++ although the projects I was involved back then did not require going into native code.
Microsoft introduced .net Framework and with it came C#. I moved away from Visual Basic and focused into ASP.NET with C# as my main tools for web development. There were significant productivity gains and I kept growing with the evolutions and improvements of the framework. From there other technologies came and I started to learn about Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF,) and Silverlight which served as the basics to move in recent years towards Windows Phone and Windows 8 development, even got in contact with a bit of SharePoint in the way getting to what’s today state on Windows 10 development with Universal Windows Platform (UWP).
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