Reporting Services Load Testing

  A common ask from consultants and architects working with SQL Server Reporting Services is about capacity planning and how to validate that the environment proposed will meet the estimated workload, it is a simple question with a very complex answer because there are plenty of variables in an enterprise SQL Server Reporting Services deployment….


ARM Templates and SQL Server Reporting Services

  One of the Azure features I have in my list to try is the ARM templates and what better example than configuring SQL Server Reporting Services in a two machines configuration, one machine with Reporting Services and the second machine with SQL Server for the Reporting Services databases. (Disclaimer: I work in the SQL…


Console Hosted proxy to read performance counters from Azure into PowerPivot

  You can configure Windows Azure Diagnostics to collect the performance counters of your application and store it in the storage account, those counter will be available in the WADPerformanceCounters Table, there are third party tools and some blogs about how to consume this data but I wanted few features.   As fast as possible…


Using Power View in Excel with Reporting Services Reports as data source

  With the addition of Power View in Excel 2013 there are a lot of new things you can do, for instance I have a report with some data which I want to do data exploration. The right data is already  published in a report so I have two options: Check the report definition, view…


Planning Disaster Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services in SharePoint integrated mode

Recently I have been working in disaster recovery for Reporting Services in SharePoint mode and we were working in a document with the details, today the document has been published and you can read get it from here Planning Disaster Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode. I hope this document…


How to refresh a Tabular Model

  Power View works with tabular models, the most easy way to work with them is to use the PowerPivot gallery in SharePoint and publish a Excel File with a PowerPivot model to create a Power View report on top of it, from there you can easily setup the data refresh using the SharePoint UI,…


SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 SharePoint integrated mode Endpoints architecture (or how our services talk each other)

  Recently I got interested in understanding how our Service works, so I started from at the entry point to Reporting Services. As a final user you usually interact with Reporting Services through Web Pages that are hosted in SharePoint 2010, you use this pages to render reports or to accomplish management tasks like publishing…


The SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 Timer Job In SharePoint mode

  I have a box that I use to play around with Subscriptions and Alerting in SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 in SharePoint mode, recently the alert that I’m use to get at mornings didn’t show up for some days , so I started to investigate what happened, usually you can troubleshoot this kind of…


SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services SharePoint integrated mode

  General Architecture One of the interesting changes we did in Reporting Services was to change our SharePoint mode from a Windows Service to become a SharePoint Shared Service, there are many benefits on that one like integrated administration experience and integrated scale out capabilities to mention some of them. First at all I had…


Reporting Services Data Driven Subscriptions on SharePoint Integrated Mode

  I have seen in the forums that the people used to the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Native mode are having issues to find the Data Driven Subscriptions options when they are using the SharePoint Integrated Mode. The first thing you need to verify is that you are using a Enterprise or Developer version…


Generate upgrade script in Reporting Services with WMI

  Recently I had to test some of the upgrade scenarios for Reporting Services and in some scenarios I hit the infamous error message "The version of the report server database is either in a format that is not valid, or it cannot be read. The found version is ‘C.0.9.45’. The expected version is ‘147’….