Reporting Services Load Testing

  A common ask from consultants and architects working with SQL Server Reporting Services is about capacity planning and how to validate that the environment proposed will meet the estimated workload, it is a simple question with a very complex answer because there are plenty of variables in an enterprise SQL Server Reporting Services deployment….


PowerShell module with continuous integration, static analysis and automatic publish to gallery

  Recently our team released the Reporting Services PowerShell Tools as a project to collaborate with the community, we had a lot more feedback and participation that we ever thought so we decided to push it a little further and publish it to the PowerShell Gallery. We aren’t by any means PowerShell experts and when…

Accessing SQL Server Reporting Services Mobile Reports with the Power BI app from the Internet using Active Directory Application Proxy

    In SQL Server 2016 the team introduced Reporting Services mobile reports to SQL Server Reporting Services optimized for mobile devices and connected to on-premises data, with an assortment of data visualizations. The mobile reports can be consumed using any mobile device (IPhone, IPad, Android, Windows 10) in the Power BI mobile app while…


ARM Templates and SQL Server Reporting Services

  One of the Azure features I have in my list to try is the ARM templates and what better example than configuring SQL Server Reporting Services in a two machines configuration, one machine with Reporting Services and the second machine with SQL Server for the Reporting Services databases. (Disclaimer: I work in the SQL…


Debugging Typescript in Visual Studio Code and Chrome

  After a small adventure in a big data team I’m back in the Reporting Services team. Everything is new and at the same times some things never change, but I found very quickly that SSRS is building the new portal with recent web technologies such as Angular and Typescript, check out the announcement here…