Copying PowerPivot tables between Excel workbooks to consolidate Power View Reports

I use multiple Excel PowerPivot models created in different workbooks by multiple people, sometimes I need to mash up them or simply create a single workbook with all the models so I can share it easily in my Office 365 site

I tried opening the PowerPivot add in and realized that there is not option to copy the tables of the PowerPivot model


I also looked around and didn’t find any evident way to do it.

After some experiments I realized there is a way although is not that evident.

1.  Open your workbooks (the source and the destination)

2. Create a Pivot table from the PowerPivot table you want to copy


3. Right click in the new sheet created and click copy (You need to add at leas one field from your table)


4. As you have open the two workbooks you can select from the Dropdown list your destination workbook


5. Excel will copy not only the sheet but also the model, you can go to your destination workbook and check that the new PowerPivot table is there along with the connections. You can delete the sheet from the destination workbook and you will keep only your model


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  1. David Hager says:

    It doesn't work in all cases (i.e. – if the data model is complex), but it is a good technique. Thanks for sharing.

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