Mix CreateFromXAML and Timer Sample

I’ve posted the CreateFromXAML and Timer sample from my Mix talk.  You can run the sample here and get the source here.  The sample uses the downloader component to retrieve a ZIP archive that contains a set of XAML files.  To do this, in the onLoad event, I kick-off a download of the ZIP archive:…


Mix07 Deck

I’ve posted my Mix07 deck here (zipped Office 2007 format).


Mix Video Search sample

I’m a few days late but finally getting around to posting my Mix session samples and source.  The first sample is of a front-end I built for MSN video.  The sample is available online here with the source here.  Here’s a screen shot of the sample:        


Mix Sessions Online

The Mix sessions are available on-line here.  For Silverlight sessions, I’d recommend starting with the following:   V 1.0 Sessions:   ·         Celso Gomes: Building Rich Web Experience with Silverlight and Microsoft Expression Studio for Designers ·         Mike Harsh: Deep Dive on Silverlight Media Integration ·         Brad Abrams, Chris Knowlton, James Clarke: Creating and Delivering…


Mix 07

Wow – what an amazing and fun Mix07.  There were a number of great sessions delivered however what really excites me is the delivery of the new bits with associated samples, docs, forums and Quickstarts all hosted on our new community site.   A couple of links you’ll want to mark are the direct link to…


"WPF/E (codename)" is now "Silverlight"

It’s true – we now have an official name that’s much better than our previous codename (plus official graphics).  This was announced at NAB this morning. You can find more information on our landing page on microsoft.com or on our press page also on microsoft.com.


I don’t speak Slovenian but…

Here’s a pretty cool Slovenian site showing Vista features and built on the Feb. CTP.


Feb CTP is Live

Due to a premature time bomb, we’ve posted this a few days earlier than expected.  See Mike Harsh’s post for links.  New features in the FEB CTP include: Keyboard Input (KeyUp/KeyDown) MP3 Support Mouse cursor support Async downloader Simple text metrics Full screen mode Lots of performance work Improved JavaScript APIs More details, an updated…


Installing the WPF/E VS Templates

I just got a new laptop which required a fresh install of all my applications including Visual Studio and the associated WPF/E developer extensions.  As part of re-setting this up, I realized it required a bit more research than I expected so I’m replaying the steps here (mostly found in the WPF/E SDK). Install Visual…