Silverlight ICO/ICON Decoder (Parser)

It turns out the Windows BMP file format is similar to the Windows ICO file format.  Given that, it wasn't too hard for me to produce a Windows ICO/ICON decoder (parser) based on the work I did around a Silverlight BMP decoder.  I didn't spend a lot of time making the source efficient, so if you make improvements, let me know and I'll incorporate them into my version.  Click on the image below to run a live version of the Silverlight 3 based sample.


 ICON/ICO Decoder (Parser)


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  1. tthomas says:

    So I was using your BMPDecoder with SL4 to aquire and decode an image from my WIA scanner.  For some strange reason the image is mirrored both up/down and left/right.  It was also thowing errors on the function Read24BitBmp() until I added (header.Height = -header.Height)  Thoughts on how to correct this???

  2. jasper says:

    I trying to convert tour code for visual basic and when i choose icon only the first is shown the windows vista 256×256 icon. the others have all the info (width, height and color depth) but no image is shown. everything converted with no errors just not showing please help?

  3. Developer says:

    I am not able to download that source as this link is not working. Please let me know where from I can get that source and please let me know if we have same decoder for SL5.

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