Local Messaging Samples

I posted the Local Messaging samples I showed at Mix 2009 including the Bouncing Balls sample and the Chess Wars application.  Click here to run the Bouncing Balls application (you’ll need to temporarily allow pop-ups).  To start a ball, click on anyone of the 4 HTML pages that pop-up.  You can find source for the bouncing balls application here.


To run Chess Wars, Click on the image below.  To have browsers compete JavaScript engine to JavaScript engine, start two versions in two different browsers and have one be “Local” and one be “Remote” (both with JavaScript for the other player).  You can find the Chess Wars source here.


Chess Wars

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  1. Paul Stubbs says:

    This is the third post in a series where I will be walking through some of the new features in Silverlight

  2. dev09 says:

    Lower left square – a1 – on the chessboard should be black (or at least dark color) .

    Otherwise it’s a great sample !

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