Chroma Key Pixel Shader Sample

Here’s the source to the WriteableBitmap and Pixel Shader sample I showed at Mix 2009.   Click on the image below to run the sample (and have the Silverlight 3 Beta installed – you can get that here).  Drag one of the images (or video) from the left and drop into the center area to see where WriteableBitmap is used.  Drag the video on the right into the center to see the Pixel Shader in action.  This sample will use a “shader” to mask out a chroma key (in this sample, the chroma key is black but the shader supports any color as a chroma key).


 More Effects


The demo shows the following new Silverlight 3 features:

  • WriteableBitmap

  • Pixel Shaders (chroma key shader)

  • Drop Shadow Effect

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  1. Ann_developer says:

    Nice blog post. Really enjoyed reading.

    Hope you’ll like my fav article. Here’s direct link

  2. Forrestshi says:

    Cool, I also have implemented one video chromakey application based on directshow framework.

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