Updated Source for Image Samples

Updated on 11/10 to fix the ZIP archives and add dependent projects. In addition to updating the image samples to the final version of Silverlight V2, I’ve also updated the source: PNG Encoder Sample Source GIF Decoder Sample Source and GIF Decoder Source (From Jill Zhang and her GifLib CodePlex project). BMP Decoder Sample Source and BMP Decoder…


More Silverlight Controls

Good news for anyone looking for more Silverlight controls including better chart/graph controls.  The Silverlight Toolkit just released on CodePlex and includes numerous new controls with source.  You can find a controls sample page here and a charting sample page here.  The controls include the following: TreeView AutoCompleteBox DockPanel WraPanel Label Expander HeaderedItemControl HeaderedContentControl NumericUpDown…


PhotoZoom Sample

My goal was to update my DeepZoom sample to RTM using the DeepZoom composer but decided to directly use PhotoZoom as I needed that for some general photo storage anyway.  The nice thing about PhotoZoom is that it automatically generates a Silverlight 2 DeepZoom view based on the uploaded photos.  I’ve added a couple of galleries that capture some of the home…


Silverlight 2 Sample Updates

I updated the PNG, GIF and BMP samples to the final version of Silverlight 2 including addressing several reported bug fixes.