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Mike Harsh and I gave a couple of sessions at Mix08 this year on building applications using Silverlight 2 Beta 1.  You can find a live version of the one of the samples here and I've posted the source here.  Here's a screen shot of the sample:

Mix08 Application 


You can view the sessions on demand using the following links:


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  1. lbugnion says:

    You just HAD to go with the lemur for the image, hadn’t you? 🙂 Good call. That was hilarious.

  2. Don't even think this is all there is… this is just the surface 10%, I think it'll take me

  3. CedricM says:

    Can’t make it work.

    I get: An exception of type ‘System.Error.Security.SecurityException occured in System.Windows.dll

    on the line wc.DownloadStringAsync(new Uri(url)); in private void GetVideos(string url) in Page.xaml.cs

    What can I try?


  4. I’ve been asked by a few folks to post the DataGrid sample I showed in my Mix08 talk. This uses the same

  5. MauriceD says:


    After I recreated the solution, which has to include a webapp to host the SL app, the sample solution executes and the exception is gone.


  6. Rudi Grobler says:

    Another enhancement in WPF that makes it stand out above the rest is the excellent layout system. In

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