Silverlight in Financials Sample

Jaime Rodriguez posted a nice financials sample built using Silverlight 2 Beta 1.  Very cool and gives you a nice taste of some of the power of Silverlight 2.


DataGrid Sample from Mix08

I’ve been asked by a few folks to post the DataGrid sample I showed in my Mix08 talk.  This uses the same backend and data source as the Mix08 sample below but uses a DataGrid rather than an ItemsControl for the UI.  There was a bit of XAML required in order to get the DataGrid…


Deep Zoom version of Silverlight 2 Developer Reference Poster

I took a reasonable resolution version of the Silverlight 2 Developer Reference Poster and crossed that with the Deep Zoom Composer, added a JS mouse wheel library and in about 5 minutes had a Deep Zoom version of the poster running in Silverlight.  The sample is posted here. The XAML is simple – just point…


Another Mix08 sample

I’ve posted the first sample I showed in my Mix08 session. The gratuitous use if video and animations is designed to show how well Silverlight 1.0 features (media and animations) work with the Silverlight 2 control model.  In this sample, I show a rotating TextBox using separate VideoBrushes for both the foreground text and the background.  Here’s…


Mix08 Content

Mike Harsh and I gave a couple of sessions at Mix08 this year on building applications using Silverlight 2 Beta 1.  You can find a live version of the one of the samples here and I’ve posted the source here.  Here’s a screen shot of the sample:     You can view the sessions on demand…