Update on Feature Requests

I am continuing to aggregate the requests and have the updated and abbreviated list below (removed items with less than 1 or 2 requests).  A couple of comments based on some of the requests:   I am tracking 3D even though ScottGu announced Silverlight 3 will support 3D.  For Silverlight 3, we are introducing the…


Silverlight Feature Requests

Currently, there is not a general location to log Silverlight feature requests (we’re considering adding something on Silverlight.net for this).  Given the lack of a central spot, I’ve taken a few threads on the Silverlight forums related to a Silverlight wish list as well as some comments from ScottGu’s Silverlight 2 blog post and Scott…


Update on Silverlight and Opera

After my previous post, I had a few folks email me to look at some of their sites that don’t run correctly in Opera even after the below fix.  After more investigation and trolling through our bug database to extract all known Silverlight and Opera issues, there are 3 issues folks should be aware of…


Silverlight and Opera

Although Opera is not an officially supported browser (see my previous post for more details), we do want a good Silverlight experience for Opera users (and a good Opera experience for Silverlight developers).  As such, we do some level of Opera testing and look at customer reported Silverlight/Opera issues.  In general, the Silverlight experience in…


Silverlight Browser Support

I occasionally get asked about why we don’t support browser X on platform Y and wanted to share a little background on Silverlight browser support.  This post will provide a bit of details what it means to be an officially supported Silverlight browser and what experience you should expect from not officially supported browsers.  One…


Added BMP Decoder

I updated the Image Source samples to include the BMP Decoder (missing from my previous post).


Kitchen Updates

I updated my Kitchen PhotoZoom gallery with a few photos to show some progress I made over the last few weekends.  Updates include adding crown to the cabinets some casing updates and we put in the backsplash (not grouted yet).   The backsplash, shown below, is white ceramic subway tiles (3×6) with glass tile accents.        


Updated Source for Image Samples

Updated on 11/10 to fix the ZIP archives and add dependent projects. In addition to updating the image samples to the final version of Silverlight V2, I’ve also updated the source: PNG Encoder Sample Source GIF Decoder Sample Source and GIF Decoder Source (From Jill Zhang and her GifLib CodePlex project). BMP Decoder Sample Source and BMP Decoder…


More Silverlight Controls

Good news for anyone looking for more Silverlight controls including better chart/graph controls.  The Silverlight Toolkit just released on CodePlex and includes numerous new controls with source.  You can find a controls sample page here and a charting sample page here.  The controls include the following: TreeView AutoCompleteBox DockPanel WraPanel Label Expander HeaderedItemControl HeaderedContentControl NumericUpDown…


PhotoZoom Sample

My goal was to update my DeepZoom sample to RTM using the DeepZoom composer but decided to directly use PhotoZoom as I needed that for some general photo storage anyway.  The nice thing about PhotoZoom is that it automatically generates a Silverlight 2 DeepZoom view based on the uploaded photos.  I’ve added a couple of galleries that capture some of the home…