Feb CTP is Live

Due to a premature time bomb, we've posted this a few days earlier than expected.  See Mike Harsh's post for links.

 New features in the FEB CTP include:

  • Keyboard Input (KeyUp/KeyDown)

  • MP3 Support

  • Mouse cursor support

  • Async downloader

  • Simple text metrics

  • Full screen mode

  • Lots of performance work

  • Improved JavaScript APIs

More details, an updated SDK and updated samples will be posted soon on our landing page on MSDN.


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  1. Joe Stegman’s WebBlog からです。 Feb CTP is Live WPF/E CTP 前回インストールしたものの、テンプレ追加されなかったりしたので深く触っていなかったんですよねぇ。。。2月中には触れたい所です。特に

  2. După o pauză de o lună, echipa WPF/E a făcut public noul release, February CTP. Am vrut azi dimineaţă

  3. Like Mark Harsh is writing on his blog the new February CTP of WPF/E is live. Download the Windows and

  4. GeeWhizBang says:

    The new WPFE bits don’t work in IE7. They are installed, but the javascript still puts up the "You must install "WPF/E" (codename) December 2006 CTP"

    Firefox likes it ok.

    I hope there is something in the SDK that fixes this, cuz I would prefer to show this in IE.

    I am already plenty pleased with the performance, BTW. It seems to be an order of magnitude faster to render than the adobe SVG plugin.

  5. GeeWhizBang says:

    in aghost.js the line:

    new ActiveXObject("AgControl.AgControl.0.8.0");

    should be:

    new ActiveXObject("AgControl.AgControl.");

  6. Tim Sneath : WPF/E Second CTP Shipped 12월 CTP가 Expire되어 새로 2월 CTP를 공개하였습니다. 원래는 2월 중순에 Expire될 것으로 생각했는데,

  7. kierepka says:

    Nice but still there is no Compact Framework version, and there is Micro.NET framework version of WPF…

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