Updated samples

In addition to the Jelly Samples, I’ve updated the others samples on my Blog to work with the latest RC.


Updated Jelly Samples for the Silverlight RC

Richard Z. updated and enhanced the Jelly samples to work with the RC1 build of Silverlight.  You can get the RC samples here.  Other than visual updates, the main change was to update to the new Silverlight.js from the RC1 SDK.


Jelly Source Code

I’ve had several requests for this so I’ve posted the source code here.  Again, big thanks to Richard Zadorozny for these samples.


Updated post on Version 1.0 Breaking Changes

I’ve created a single post that aggregates my other posts on V 1.0 breaking changes.  This post does include a few changes I hadn’t previously blogged about.  In the future, I’ll add new breaking changes to this list (although this should be the last of them).


Richard Z’s Jelly Samples

Richard Zadorozny, a Program Manager Intern on the Windows team, developed three Silverlight “Jelly” samples while getting up to speed with the technology.  I found them pretty cool so I’ve posted them here:  bar chart, a pie chart and a graph samples.    


Silveright Breaking Changes between Mix and Version 1.0

I’m using the post to aggregate my other post into a comprehensive list of V1.0 breaking changes.   1.       There are a set of ASX tags we previously silently ignored that we will now result in a MediaFailed event.  These are: PREVIEWMODE, BANNERBAR, PARAM, REPEAT, STARTMARKER, ENDMARKER and some MOREINFO tags  We will also throw…


V 1.0 Visibility Property Breaking Change

In order to reduce surface area, we removed Visibility.Hidden from the product.  Prior to this change Visibility.Hidden behaved the same as Visibility.Collapsed.  From a functionality stand-point, the Silverlight behavior is closer to the WPF Visibility.Collapsed so we’ve decided to keep Collapsed.  To create content that will work consistently between Mix and 1.0, replace all occurrences of…


V 1.0 Downloader Breaking Change

Due to difficulties in providing reliable synchronous downloads cross-platform, we’ve removed this from our downloader API.  Removing this means we no longer need the 3rd parameter on the downloader open call so this has been removed.  Since we’ve removed an argument, you have to do a bit more work to create content that works with…


Some V1.0 Breaking Changes

We’re making a few breaking changes between our Mix release and our RTM release due in Summer.  You can author content today that works on both Mix and RTM release if you do the following:   ·         Remove “javascript:” in your event handlers.  This is generally not needed and won’t be supported in our V1.0…


Updated VideoSearch sample

I’ve made a few updates and fixes to the VideoSearch sample posted below.  Most notably, I fixed an issue with image files not always being present.  The source is at the same location.