And more interesting samples…

The WPFBlog has a nice sample showing Flash and “WPF/E” working side by side. I’m not sure the value of this in general, but it makes for a cool sample. Chandu Thota’s post demonstrates how to use “WPF/E” to display WMV content. Another nice sample is Peter Blois’ vector art gallery – you can find…


More samples and posts

Nikhil Kothari has a sample that demonstrates Script# and “WPF/E” integration.  Shawn Burke posted a Toolkit extender and the Channel 9 folks created a very cool video player that shows off some “WPF/E” demo.  Also, Scott Guthrie has a nice post about “WPF/E” on his blog.


Adobe Illustrator exporter for "WPF/E"

If you want to use “WPF/E” with Illustrator, check out Mike Swanson’ updated Illustrator expoter:


First "WPF/E" sample

Mike Harsh has published a public sample via Chris Andersen’s web site.  You can find it the sample here.


In with the new

It’s official – the first Customer Technology Preview of “WPF/E” has been released.  To get started, you’ll need to install the small runtime (plug-in) using one of these links: [Windows] [Apple OS X].  For next steps, you can download the SDK which includes samples, docs and a Visual Studio 2005 project template.  Note that the…