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Wow - it's been since April since I've posted anything.  I get a couple of emails a week from folks asking what's going on and I'm happy to say WPF/E is alive and kicking.  So why the long silence?  There were several little and big reasons around messaging, product alignment and feature set with the end result being some internal shuffling but no real change to the external product.  And although we've been silent, we have been working non-stop since I presented at Mix 06 last year.  We've released several Microsoft internal versions of WPF/E and will be releasing an external Customer Technology Preview (CTP) soon.

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  1. Joe Stegman’s WPF/E blog is sparking into life again.

  2. There's been some noise recently about WPF Everywhere (or WPF/E), a technology which was announced

  3. Hristo Kosev says:

    The last time I’ve heard something about WPF/e was at the Mix conference this year in Las Vegas. Because…

  4. Ann_developer says:

    I heard a lot about WPF recently. I like this blog.

    It has RSS, so I get new articles quite often.

    The recent article I like is this one

    It’s about WPF development in cartography. Very interesting and worth reading!

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