And more interesting samples…

The WPFBlog has a nice sample showing Flash and “WPF/E” working side by side. I’m not sure the value of this in general, but it makes for a cool sample. Chandu Thota’s post demonstrates how to use “WPF/E” to display WMV content. Another nice sample is Peter Blois’ vector art gallery – you can find…


More samples and posts

Nikhil Kothari has a sample that demonstrates Script# and “WPF/E” integration.  Shawn Burke posted a Toolkit extender and the Channel 9 folks created a very cool video player that shows off some “WPF/E” demo.  Also, Scott Guthrie has a nice post about “WPF/E” on his blog.


Adobe Illustrator exporter for "WPF/E"

If you want to use “WPF/E” with Illustrator, check out Mike Swanson’ updated Illustrator expoter:


First "WPF/E" sample

Mike Harsh has published a public sample via Chris Andersen’s web site.  You can find it the sample here.


In with the new

It’s official – the first Customer Technology Preview of “WPF/E” has been released.  To get started, you’ll need to install the small runtime (plug-in) using one of these links: [Windows] [Apple OS X].  For next steps, you can download the SDK which includes samples, docs and a Visual Studio 2005 project template.  Note that the…


Why WPF/E?

I see the occasional post, such as this one, asking why Microsoft is doing WPF/E.  The poster asks: “Someone explain to me how this technology (which has yet to be released and proven) can do anything that the Flash Platform can’t (do better)? Fill text with video? Come on…” Part of the confusion here is…


Checking in…

Wow – it’s been since April since I’ve posted anything.  I get a couple of emails a week from folks asking what’s going on and I’m happy to say WPF/E is alive and kicking.  So why the long silence?  There were several little and big reasons around messaging, product alignment and feature set with the…



I’m been working on some WPF/E samples and I needed to do a mirror rotation. Although I could do this with a combination of canned transformations I prefer to use the general MatrixTransform. This is easy to do if you understand the affine transformation formula and know the mini-language for the MatrixTransform Matrix property. Unfortunately,…


WPF/E Download Size

I’ve seen a few posts, including this one, where folks are wondering about WPF/E “size”.  I’ve also seen a few posts with misleading information about our intended size which probably originated from this article.    To start with, size can be confusing in that it will vary from platform to platform and there’s also differences…


Hello WPF/E

Mike Harsh has a great overview of WPF/E (Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere) and of the content I presented at MIX06 including my deck and several screen shots from the presentation.  In my blog, I’m going to follow up on some of the questions and comments raised in my presentation as well as address/comment on some…