TrustedApp Sample from PDC 2009

Here is the source to the TrustedApp media player sample I showed at PDC 2009.  This sample requires the Silverlight 4 Beta which you can find here. This “trusted app” sample uses the new file system APIs, notification window APIs, windowing APIs, WebBrowser control, HTML Brush and Native integration.  For Native Integration, this sample will take the…


BrowserFlow sample from PDC 2009

Here’s the source to the BrowserFlow sample I showed at PDC 2009.  This sample requires the Silverlight 4 Beta which you can find here.   The sample uses the combination of the WebBrowser Control and HTMLBrush to display an interactive Ad that also plays well with the Silverlight animation system.  Click the image below to run the…


PDC 2009 Out Of Browser Session

I just got back from PDC 2009 where I had a great time presenting a session on the new Silverlight 4 Out Of Browser Features.  The talk is available on-demand here and you can find the slide deck here.  The session covered the following new Silverlight 4 features: Web Browser hosting and HTML brush Window…


Silverlight ICO/ICON Decoder (Parser)

It turns out the Windows BMP file format is similar to the Windows ICO file format.  Given that, it wasn’t too hard for me to produce a Windows ICO/ICON decoder (parser) based on the work I did around a Silverlight BMP decoder.  I didn’t spend a lot of time making the source efficient, so if you make improvements, let me know and I’ll…


Silverlight 4 Feature Requests

Tim Heuer and Scott Barnes have established a more community focused way of tracking Silverlight 4 feature requests.  You can find their feature tracker here: Silverlight Feedback Forum.   Other than a few items that our outside our control (iPhone, bundling), you’re likely to see at least a few of the top items in the next…


Silverlight 3 Sample Updates

I finally got a chance to update both my Mix 2009 and bitmap samples to Silverlight 3.  See the table below for links to the running samples as well as Silverlight 3 sample source code.  Note the GIF decoder has been updated to support interlaced GIFs (thanks to Paul Tallett for the source).   Silverlight…


Silverlight 3 Out Of Browser Chess Application

The final sample from my Mix 09 talk is an Out Of Browser version of the Silverlight 2 Chess Application.  You can find the source for this sample here.


Local Messaging Samples

I posted the Local Messaging samples I showed at Mix 2009 including the Bouncing Balls sample and the Chess Wars application.  Click here to run the Bouncing Balls application (you’ll need to temporarily allow pop-ups).  To start a ball, click on anyone of the 4 HTML pages that pop-up.  You can find source for the…


Chroma Key Pixel Shader Sample

Here’s the source to the WriteableBitmap and Pixel Shader sample I showed at Mix 2009.   Click on the image below to run the sample (and have the Silverlight 3 Beta installed – you can get that here).  Drag one of the images (or video) from the left and drop into the center area to see…


WriteableBitmap Sample

Here’s the source to the WriteableBitmap sample I showed at Mix.  The sample uses WriteableBitmap to take a “snapshot” of the running video to make a thumbnail.  Click on the image below to run the sample.  When running the sample, click on the running video to create a thumbnail.  You can find the video for…