[Build2013] Day 0 – 참석 예정 세션 목록

Build2013 세션 중에 키노트를 제외하고 제가 참석하려고 생각한 목록 공유 합니다. 참석한 세션에 대해서는 간략히 세션 후기를 적어서 포스팅 예정입니다. 모든 Build 2013 영상 VOD 서비스 예정이지만, 찾아 보실 참고로 활용하시는 용도 입니다. (물론 아래는 예정이라서 변동 가능성이 매우 많습니다.)


#Day 1

3-017 Power Up Your Desktop App with Windows 8.1


3-338 Improving Developer Productivity and Software Quality with Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Tools

-> 2-067 New Platform Capabilities for Advancing Web Development 로 변경

2-346 Cloud-Powered Load Testing with Team Foundation Service

-> 3-301 Async'ing Youre Way to a successful App with .NET 로 변경


3-314 TypeScript: Application-Scale Javascript


#Day 2

2-402 Designing for Ubiquitous Computing

-> 2-546 What’s New in ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2013


3-502 Scaling the Real-Time Web with ASP.NET SignalR


3-504 ASP.NET Web API 2 - Web Service for Websites, Modern Apps, and Mobile Apps


3-090 Building Great Service Connected Apps

-> 4-073 Inspecting & Debugging Using the New F12 Developer Tools in IE 으로 변경


#Day 3

3-316 Developing High Performance Websites and Modern Apps with Javascript Performance Tools

-> 4-107 Windows Runtime Internals: Understanding the Threading Model 으로 변경


3-503 Visual Studio 2013 for Web Developer: Deep Dive

-> 3-043 Cutting Edge Games on Windows Tablets 으로 변경


3-504 Building .NET Applications for Devices and Services


3-544 Who's That User? Identity with Mobile Service

-> 3-189 From Android or iOS: Bringing Your OpenGL ES Game to the Windows Store 으로 변경

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