Customizing the Iteration Backlog Workbook

The MSF for Agile process template that ships with TFS 2010 includes a nice Iteration Backlog workbook. Because this is an Excel workbook, it’s completely customizable. However, as far as I know, there isn’t any documentation on how to go about customizing this workbook. The Iteration Backlog workbook contains a fair amount of VBA code,…


I Have a Dream…No Regressions

OK, so “I have a dream” isn’t original, and perhaps neither is my dream. However, the path to my dream is the road less traveled, and I believe we should have a super-highway instead of a dirt road. Imagine you could build software without fear of breaking existing behavior. That’s my dream. As a developer,…


Feature creep, gold plating, and the Product Backlog

How many times have you been working on a feature only to discover a new scenario that you feel is important, but isn’t included in the estimates for the current sprint? And what did you do? If you’re like most programmers, you probably just wrote the code to handle the scenario. If so, you’re experiencing…


A Young Agile Team

My team is fairly new to agile. During my first week I talked to the PMs and the developers to get a sense as to where we stood and what the issues were. I first asked about user stories. Me: “Do you have user stores?” B: “Yes. We have these three stories.” Hmmm. Three stories….