Versioning Language Features in JScript

With Internet Explorer 8 we introduced several new JScript language features including native JSON support and accessor methods for Mutable DOM prototypes. Of course, any new language feature introduces compatibility risk and one of the main pieces of feedback we received was that we needed to provide a smart way for developers to opt in…


What’s new in JScript for IE8

During Beta1 and Beta2 pre-releases of IE8, we’ve blogged about the performance optimizations done in the Script engine and the addition of new language features such as native JSON support. We also provided details about the JScript Debugger and the JScript Profiler –that shipped as part IE8 Developer Tools   One of the big pieces…


Internet Explorer 8 Final Available Now

Internet Explorer 8 Final is now available in 25 languages. IE8 makes what real people do on the web every day faster, easier, and safer. Anyone running Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server can get 32-bit and 64-bit versions now from (Windows 7 users will receive an updated IE8 as part of the…


Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate Now Available

Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate Is Now Available.   Here is post that would help you Upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1.   Note: The comments on this blog are blocked. Pl post your comments on the IE team blog, so that they can be collated at one place.   Gaurav Seth Program…


JScript Debugger in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

In Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 JScript team has focused on improving developer productivity. You can read ‘What’s new in JScript for IE8 Beta 2’ and check out the JScript PM Channel 9 video to learn more. As part of our focus on developer productivity we have continued to invest in the IE8 Developer Tools…


Performance Optimization of Arrays – Part II

Hello Friends, Hope you have read part I of this topic which I posted few days ago. If not then I would suggest going through that first as this post is just a continuation of that one. So coming to the point, here is the second reason – 2. “JavaScript arrays are sparse arrays”– JavaScript…


Insight into String Concatenation in JScript

Hello Friends, Have you read my post on the String Concatenation issue? If yes, then I can sense your curiosity to know a little bit more about what went on behind the scenes.  For example, what is the new algorithm used to get to the performance results projected in the blog, what were the issues…


IE8 Script Debugger – Under the Hood

IE8 Beta1 (download available here) now includes a Script debugger that is part of IE8 Developer Tools. This Script debugger was built by the JScript team and I hope you have been using it to fix all script errors when building your web applications. In this post I will be discuss the design of the…


JScript Debugger in Internet Explorer 8

As Shreesh mentioned in his blog, Internet Explorer 8 has a built-in JScript debugger. With Internet Explorer Developer Tools you get a light weight JScript debugger that is well integrated in the browser and available out of the box. This is an in-proc debugger making sure that you don’t have to launch a separate app….


JScript in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for Developers

Making developers more productive through the design, development, and debug phases of web application development is one of the key goals for Internet Explorer 8. I’d like to take this opportunity to walk you through the features that the JScript team contributed to IE8 Beta 1 for Developers. Let me start with the JScript language…