Steps Toward Creating Compatible ECMAScript 5 Implementations

As we’ve discussed in the past, Microsoft has been actively involved in the developing the specification for the next revision of the JavaScript standard, ECMAScript Fifth Edition. We expect that after ECMAScript 5’s completion and formal adoption later this year that it will be relatively quickly adopted by browser implementers as part of their ongoing…


Native JSON Support in IE8 and Tracking the ECMAScript Fifth Edition Draft Specification

UPDATEMicrosoft has released an update that addresses most of the issues discussed below. Refer KB976662 for more information about the update. The MSDN links for JSON documentation – JSON.stringify, JSON.parse and toJSON, have also been updated to reflect these changes. Suresh Jayabalan, Program Manager, JScript ============================= Internet Explorer 8 was the first browser to introduce native support for encoding and decoding JSON….


Serializing the value of empty DOM elements using native JSON in IE8

With native JSON support enabled in IE8, users can now take advantage of the built-in JSON.stringify and JSON.parse methods to serialize and deserialize JScript values to JSON text and vice versa. However, there is a known issue in IE8’s native JSON implementation, wherein if a user tries to read the value of an empty DOM…