Thank you – Smartsheet !

We are constantly looking to engage with our customers on this blog and understand their pain-points, and in that spirit, it was really heartening to see the blog post by Mark Mader from Smartsheet. The JScript team is very appreciative of this kind of customer engagement and hope more customers frequent this blog and provide feedback to us. This helps us understand problems real-world customers face and provide solutions that benefit other customers.

Thank you, Mark !

Don Raman

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  1. Dave J says:

    Interesting comment:

    "We started this blog to get some real customer feedback and to take an engineering look at their problems."

    Since JScript, runs in IE, and is the underlying platform that developers use to manipulate the DOM in their AJAX and Web 2.0 applications, can you please get together with the IE folks and start publishing on the IE Blog what is going on in IE8!

    The public Bug Tracking issue has been raised over and over on the blog, with not even a comment from anyone on the IE team.  It is very frustrating to deal with IE at the moment due to the complete lack of transparency and communication about the existing bugs and the upcoming release.

    In particular in IE7’s testing/release cycle, developers were (how do I put this politely…) "Completely and Utterly Astonished" that there were ZERO DOM fixes in IE7.

    We fully expect this to NOT be the case for IE8, but there has not been ANY comment on this from anyone on the IE Team.

    Please, please, please! Comment on the status of these issues in regards to IE8 (either on the IE Blog, or here)

    Kind Regards,

    Dave J

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