JScript errors as warnings in Visual Studio 2008 RTM

Now Visual Studio 2008 code named Orcas is out of door with incredible features. The most highly anticipated feature of this release is JScript Authoring Services which includes JavaScript Intellisense and JavaScript Syntax Checking.

In the final version of Visual Studio 2008, with default profile settings VS shows all JScript/JavaScript syntax errors as warnings and warnings as messages because of which customer will end up unnoticed JScript Syntax Checking feature.   

To view JScript Errors as Errors in Error List window enable below option from Options dialog of Visual Studio

-       Launch Options dialog by clicking on Tool à Options menu

-       Expand Text Editor à HTML à Validation

-       Clear Show errors “as warnings (JScript)” check box


This has been added after VS 2008 Beta2 after considering customer feedback. In Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Web Developer Express 2005 all markup and CSS validation related issues such as unsupported tags and attributes are shown as errors in Error List. Few like it since validation errors encourage standard compliance while few didn't want validation errors to show up in Error list as these errors are browser errors. The same applies for JScript errors in VS 2008. This has been addressed by adding above option in the final version of Visual Studio 2008.


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  1. rbirkby says:

    Can I sugest Babelfish in future?

  2. rbirkby says:

    Can I suggest Babelfish in future?

  3. SharpGIS says:

    That’s not really going to help, considering that you don’t include javascript files that are embedded in assemblies outside the project. That means that if I rely on a base JS library included in an assembly, the JScript syntax checker would fail completely.

  4. rneela says:

    This only catches errors detectable by parser. Runtime errors are not detected by this.

  5. rneela says:

    Please suggest

  6. Tweaks says:

    Geek Lectures – Things geeks should know about » Blog Archive » JScript errors as warnings in Visual Studio 2008 RTM

  7. Nedal says:

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