JScript Performance Update for IE6 users

Sometime back Don blogged about Windows Script 5.7 release. We got lots of feedback on this, people asked for making this as an automatic update and support for 64 bit platform. The good news is that we have heard you. The biggest fix in JScript was the improvements done in Garbage Collection which improved the performance of AJAX/script heavy web site drastically. This fix is now available to all the IE6 users from the Microsoft Download Centre.  After monitoring user feedback on this update for a few weeks, we plan to release this as an automatic update to all IE6 users. However for IE6 users who want to try this now, one can go to the above provided link and download it.


- Suresh, Scripting Team


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  1. dane says:

    Does this mean that with this automatic update, IE6 users will have the same JScript capabilities as IE7?

    There are a lot o online apps that require IE7 🙁

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    This is specifically a fix in the JScript garbage collector only. It doesn’t have any IE changes or any of the other changes in script from 5.6 to 5.7.

  3. Since there haven’t been any enthusiastic comments here so far, I’d like to say that this proposed (auto-)update is great news. 🙂

    The massive performance problems of IE6 due to this scalability issue used to be a major headache for any medium to large-scale Ajax application. Great job and smart decision to get rid of this particular shortcoming of IE6!

  4. Lucky says:

    After installing this, @_jscript_version will report 5.7 for even XP IE7 users.

    Do we have a completely safe way to determine if the user is XP IE7 or Vista IE7?

    Is polling the userAgent the best solution for any Vista-Specific functionality conditionals?

  5. This really is excellent news for web application developers. Thanks to the team for this one 🙂

  6. JScript Blog says:

    It’s been some time that I wrote a blog. We started this blog to get some real customer feedback and

  7. It's been some time that I wrote a blog. We started this blog to get some real customer feedback

  8. drz says:

    Automatic update plans cancelled?

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