Windows Script 5.7 released for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server

I have little announcement to make today. Windows Script 5.7 which ships with different flavors of Windows® Vista is now available for Windows® 2000/XP as well as Windows® 2003 Server.

This download will install Microsoft® Windows® Script containing Visual Basic® Script Edition (VBScript.) Version 5.7, JScript® Version 5.7, Windows Script Components, Windows Script Host 5.7, and Windows Script Runtime Version 5.7.


Why should you care about this update ? If you ever encountered performance issues running AJAX applications (e.g. Gmail), you should absolutely consider installing this update. This update includes an updated Garbage Collector that used to previously make AJAX appliications run pretty poorly. This update is available on Vista and we are now providing this to all supported OS versions (XP, Win2K, Win2K Server). You will see noticeably better performance on your favorite AJAX applications and with more and more AJAX applications coming on line, you will be very happy you did this.


Below is the download link for the updates.

Download Windows Script 5.7 for Windows 2000

Download Windows Script 5.7 for Windows XP

Download Windows Script 5.7 for Windows 2003 Server

Also lot of people might be wondering what all changes has gone inside this release. A quick look at release note will give you all the detail. The release notes can be downloaded from here.

Happy downloading and enjoy all the benefits of Windows Script 5.7 on other OS too!!


Don Raman

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  1. Dan says:

    Did they release the script yet? I have not read anything about it.

    -Dan Grosp


  2. don.raman says:

    Yes both VBScript and JScript are part of the installs.



  3. Matt Ellis says:

    Hi guys. What’s changed? And what’s happening about Vista?



  4. Michael S. says:

    I also like to know what’s changed!

    Please provide a "release note" or "version history" or "what’s changed" documentation.

    As far as I know it is best practice to provide such documentation. But somehow the official download page from MS doesn’t provide this basic information.


  5. Don Raman says:

    The download contains below mentioned things:

    1. All the security fixes/updates made in Windows Scripting from Windows Script 5.6.

    2. The adaptive GC fix which was done in Jscript that ships with IE7. This is now available publicly on down level OS and for all hosts.



  6. Kim says:

    This is great to hear. I quickly upgraded to 5.7 version and for me performance of some application/site in IE6 are compatible with IE7. Great thinking of providing the good fixes in scripting to IE6 users.


  7. Matt Ellis says:

    Cool, thanks. Is this "adaptive GC fix" the fix mentioned at

    And is that the same as the fix for IE6 described at and released as part of I can’t find out what files make up this patch, so don’t know if it includes the 5.7 script engines.

    And I’ve just noticed that Vista already comes with 5.7 – is this the same one we’re talking about here?

    But more importantly, if this does fix the circular reference problem, can we please have a post explaining how it was fixed? I’d be very interested to hear your solution…



  8. Kim says:

    I don’t think the circular reference problem has been fixed entirely. As they mentioned it in the blog the complete problem will be fixed in some upcoming release of IE. That’s what my understanding is. I am saying this because I can still see memory leaks in some scenario. My scenario was having a JavaScript object (newly created) assigned to a DOM and that DOM object referring to the some expando of that JavaScript object. This is leaking in IE7 too. The same can be reproduced using function closure. I think in IE7 they just fixed this scenario as described in:

    And yes, Windows Scripting 5.7 download is same as Vista as mentioned in the current blog.

    Now that all the things are clear I would like to know when the fix for all the memory leaks (JavaScript-IE circular) will get fixed and also the solution. Please do write about that.



  9. don.raman says:

    Yes, the download contains all the fixes that has gone in Windows Vista. So whatever you get on Vista is here too.

    No we haven’t fixed the circular memory leak completely. I can’t comment on the time line and all as of now.

    But one solution that comes to my mind is somehow making sure that whenever there is a circular leak where a IE DOM is referring a JScript Object and vice-versa, if at all we can make sure that the reference count which is there in IE (which is COM based reference count) is because of an object in JScript and that it is referencing the same object IE can break it. Now, how this can be done? Maybe by having a mechanism where we store this information somehow some where and we are done. More to follow in coming months ….

    Maybe an incentive to visit our blog frequently and check it out.

    Thanks for such a good number of feedback on this. I would really like to know more.


  10. kim ajax dev says:

    Nice way to tease around. But I would still like to know the solution and it seems Microsft is really taking scripting seriosuly.



  11. Anonymous Coward says:

    Are you aware that there is something amiss with the security catalog?  After installing WS5.7, Windows File Protection reports errors with the files’ digital signatures and reverts all of them back to WS5.6.

  12. Ted says:

    what about other languages? (e.g. French)

    What about x64 version (this doesn’t install on XP x64)

  13. wayne says:

    Uh, yeah…I’m wonder where the official realease notes for this point upgrade are. Saying it fixes things from 5.6 that up to the vista release doesn’t really cut it.  I’d like to know what the "fixes" are.  

    Is there, in fact, any release notes?

  14. dhwang says:

    How do you revert back if this new 5.7 causes problem? Do I have to use use last good profile?

  15. don.raman says:

    One can go to "Control Panel" and remove the Scripting 5.7 using Add/Remove program functionality. At the time of installation a restore point is created. When you remove the update, the system is restored to this previous point.

  16. MSDN Archive says:

    This is an update to 5.6 web package, which has never been available for 64-bit. This update for 64-bit will appear in the next SP of the OS.

    It will be about a month before other language packages are available. However, you can install the ENU package on any language. The package UI will be English, of course, but script will work normally.

    We were not able to reproduce the catalog problem. We’d need to know the specific package, OS+SP level to do more.

  17. MSDN Archive says:

    Release notes for Script 5.7 can be downloaded directly from here:

    " Script Release Notes.rtf"

  18. Loser-X says:

    Its been a long time since I touched any classic ASP, apart from the odd quick fix to legacy projects

  19. Recently, Microsoft made a public release of Windows Script v5.7 which ships with different flavors of

  20. Recently, Microsoft made a public release of Windows Script v5.7 which ships with different flavors of

  21. Phil Mattson says:

    A version of x64 Windows 2003 would be nice!

  22. Anonymous Coward says:

    Reproducing the catalog problem.

    0) OS: XP Pro 32-bit @ SP2

    1) Download the XP version of WS5.7

    2) Run installer

    3) Run SFC /SCANNOW

    4) Notice in the event log the reports from Windows File Protection about the unsigned WS5.7 files that it detected during the scan.

  23. MSDN Archive says:

    Thanks for repro details. We’ve figured out the problem and will release new packages shortly.

  24. JScript Blog says:

    I modified my last blog many times. I was really amazed at the kind of response I got on this blog. Thanks

  25. Sandor says:

    How would this update affect JScript based Classic ASP websites?

    We have pretty code intensive pages and are evaluating the new script engine.

    So far our benchmarks showed that the new engine is usually faster on pages with complex code.

    Do you have any recommendation against updating classic asp servers?



  26. don.raman says:

    I don’t think we have done any improvements specific to Classic ASP pages. However you can read the release notes and see if the ASP pages are doing anything which has improved. However I would advise that it’s always better to deploy the new JScript. You never know what benefits are in for you.



  27. Vlad says:

    This is a great update and it would be even more great if you spread it to all Windows users through Windows Update. I currently cannot find it there. It does not help much the AJAX developers if they have to ask their users to download it from Microsoft’s website.



  28. Alex A says:

    Don, will be a 64-bit version (Itanium and Win2003 x64) of WSH 5.7 available?

  29. don.raman says:

    We are working on the release timeline and supported OS/platform right now. I will keep you updated once we have a final decision on this.



  30. Cesar says:

    After installing this none of my ASP pages now work

    Active Server Pages error ‘ASP 0201’

    Invalid Default Script Language

    The default script language specified for this application is invalid.

    Thank you Microsoft

  31. Jaiprakash says:

    I tried to reproduce this issue on Windows XP, IIS 6.0, ASP classic (not ASP .net) but could not succeed. Everything works fine for me. Here are the steps I tried…

    1. On XP machine (with 5.6 Scripting), created an .asp page, set up a Virtual Directory.

    2. Opened the page in IE. Worked fine.

    3. Installed 5.7 scripting for XP from

    4. Rebooted the machine (as it was required to

    5. Opened the same .asp page in IE again. This time also it opened fine.

    Could you please give us few more details like…

    1. What OS you are on?

    2. Which IIS you have on your machine?

    3. Your app is ASP classic or ASP .net?

    BTW, the same issue has been faced by different users in the past too when they just tried updating IIS or script (even 5.6) or some other related component. I am just putting two such links here wherein users have overcome this issue in different ways. Please do go through these links and see if they are of any use.



  32. JScript Blog says:

    Sometime back Don blogged about Windows Script 5.7 release . We got lots of feedback on this, people

  33. Sometime back Don blogged about Windows Script 5.7 release . We got lots of feedback on this, people

  34. sernark plywood says:

    Thank you brother

  35. Tweak Vista says:

    Yes both VBScript and JScript are part of the installs.


  36. It's been some time that I wrote a blog. We started this blog to get some real customer feedback

  37. Eric says:

    Now a 64-bit version (Itanium and Win2003 x64) of WSH 5.7 available? 30-01-2007


  38. Eric says:

    Oups Sorry

    Now a 64-bit version (Itanium and Win2003 x64) of WSH 5.7 available? 30-01-2008



  39. Ian says:

    Is there an updated file set as mentioned in the blog (dated 27th AUgust 2007) that fixes the Windows File Protection issue? The download site still has files with a published date earlier than that. Thanks.

  40. JScript Blog says:

    Hello Friends, Today I am going to talk about some of the Garbage Collector improvement we have done.

  41. Carl Houseman says:

    Any chance that this can be released in as a standard KB article and made available for installing via WSUS?

  42. To all visitors from The Netherlands: a translation of all the information provided here, can be found on our website. We run a website where our volunteers create and share knowledge for free (using wiki-software). The information is also available upon request by email.

  43. Veilig lenen says:

    Great article, and with this amount of feedback on this script 5.7 release, it has to be a great script!

  44. Payrolling says:

    Yes, it is a great script! It still is… But is it also in different languages? (e.g. French)

    And are there any updates or better scripts in the mean time?

  45. Few days back I worked upon an issue where we were trying to write into the Events logs from classic

  46. grayson says:

    if I want to install windows script 5.6 in vista system, how to do it?

  47. GauravS says:

    @grayson: Sorry, this is not a supported scenario. Is there a specific reason for which you want to install script 5.6 on a Vista machine?

  48. Thank  you  very much from Turkey

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  49. Koi says:

    We currently have a mix between Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 SP4.

    Our logon scripts currently map shared folder objects from AD and maps these to the users My Network Places. The code is below.

    When the script is run on a Windows 2000 machine, it is processed very quickly. However on Windows XP it takes about 3 minutes. Upgrading WSH to 5.7 did not resolve the issue. Any ideas?

    Set objShortcut = objWSHShell.CreateShortcut _    (strNetHood & "" & & ".lnk")

    objShortcut.TargetPath = objitem.uncname

    objshortcut.Description = objitem.uncname


  50. groupenerji says:

    Great scripts that work

    thank you all for your efforts

    best regards

    Jack isher

  51. groupenerji says:

    we use your updates regularly

    thank u

    products manager


  52. groupenerji says:

    thank u microsoft for great scripts

    ali zeybek

  53. groupenerji says:

    thank u very much from istanbul

    Jack Thomson

  54. lenen bkr says:

    This is a great windows script. I use it all the time.


  55. AJ says:

    What happened to the 64 bit version of the package as it would be of great help to people that are on this flavour of the OS?

  56. Dejan Gregor says:

    Where are the Windows Server 2003 64-bit versions? The 32-bit versions don't install on a 64-bit version of Windows Server 2003.


  57. dlaee says:

    why the scripts is not compatible in widows 7 comment plsss

  58. jack fisher says:

    Is the script out yet, cant find anywhere

    <a href="">Jiletli tel</a>

  59. Pradeep says:

    I am not able to update X64 systems. there is nothing avalible to X64 system. can any one Help how to update X64 systems(2003)

  60. Jiletli Tel says:

    Great article, and with this amount of feedback on this script 5.7 release, it has to be a great script!

  61. Çelik Hasır says:

    great udate for a great script, use it all the time

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