Write better JScript code to execute within Internet Explorer (IE)

This is the first ever blog written by me in my entire life time. Let me take some time to introduce myself. I am Don Raman and work as a Test Lead in Microsoft India Development Center at Hyderabad. A part of my responsibility is to own the testing of JScript native language. I joined Microsoft six months back and I am pretty excited about working in such a great company. I am going to give some pointers/links to some good paper written by Microsoft employees which will help a JScript programmer write more efficient code.

Any programming language gives flexibility to the programmer to write the logic (code) using different language constructs. The same thing can be achieved in a different way. A programmer may think why writing code in a certain way will make things faster. But the way dynamic languages are architected it is very much possible that certain constructs or tricks can make your program run faster. Below are links which will definitely make you a more efficient JScript programmer.




The above articles are extremely good to understand some of the things going behind the code. It also has got some excellent post from the web community.

Thanks a lot for reading this post and I hope you have got benefited out of it.

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  1. Stoffering says:

    Glad to hear this! I hope it will be much better! I’m waiting for the results:)

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